COL - Colloidal Processing Group - Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio CSIC

Zoilo González Granados

PostDoc, JdC-I Grant

Zoilo González Granados

Dr. Zoilo González trajectory is focused on the design and engineering of materials that cover all  processing steps towards the final application.

Over the last years, his research line has been focused on the colloidal processing of ceramic semiconductor materials with advanced energetic and structural functions. All foundation of his work is supported on the development of the scientific knowledge into the fields of colloidal chemistry and surface modification/functionalization of particles (with polyelectrolytes, polymers, surfactants, etc.) in liquid media, applied to the shaping and/or manufacturing processes, where the engineering of the ceramic nanoparticles assembly with other materials, such as non-noble metallic nanoparticles, reduced graphene oxide, cellulose nanofibers from revalorized bioresources or polyelectrolytes multilayers, foundation the high photo- and electrochemical yield of the energy devices.

It is noteworthy his specific ability to shape, deposit and organize matter at different levels onto 3D substrates since he is an specialist in the preparation of complex nanoarchitectures by different colloidal and additive manufacturing techniques (electrophoretic deposition (EPD), spraying, dip coating, tape casting, ink-jet printing, FDM, etc.). Under this approach, his research is strongly marked by transversal character applied to the achievement of social and scientific challenges with a special relevance in terms of circular economy and industrial support.