LACTE - Laboratorio de Apoyo Científico-Tecnológico a la Empresa

Universidad Carlos III Madrid


The aim of the LACTE Laboratory is to provide technical services to companies within the area of materials science.

We have a commitment to quality assurance in all the scientific and technical works we do thanks to the development and implementation of documented procedures.

This also allows us to provide technical assistance on specific issues that daily arise in service in the different industrial sectors in which materials are involved.

Technical Capabilities

We have a wide experience in the design and processing of alloys through Powder Metallurgy techniques (PM). We have unique equipments for this production and characterization as the spray pyrolysis of nanoparticles and atomization or mechanical alloying that allows us to design and precisely control the compositions.

We also have extensive experience in coatings via sol-gel, diffusion and surface treatments as well as in mechanical characterization, corrosion and wear test.