Research Groups

GTP - Grupo de Tecnología de Polvos

Universidad Carlos III Madrid

The Group of Powder Technology (GTP) belongs to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the University Carlos III of Madrid. It is constituted by six permanent professors, two post-docs, and about 12 PhD students. The research activities of the group have in common the use of powder technologies for materials development, from the synthesis of nanoparticles, to the application of smart coatings for several industrial sectors. We are experts in the processing of materials by powder metallurgy (PM) techniques, working mainly with metals and metal-ceramic composites. In particular we study the processing of Ti alloys, steels and cermets, but also new materials as MAX phases and high entropy alloys (HEA) are currently under research. The versatility of PM techniques permits us to develop both dense and highly porous materials. We combine the processing with the design of new alloys and the study of interactions between phases and coatings by using ThermoCalc and DICTRA softwares for thermodynamic simulations. We also count on experience and equipment for the study of electrochemical corrosion, high temperature oxidation and wear behaviour of materials and coatings.

The group keeps international collaborations and participates in projects, conferences and summer schools with a number of European partners.