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GreenGELAIR Project: new application system of sol-gel coating for the aeronautical sector

The first stage of the GreenGELAIR project has successfully been accomplished. A new hybrid organo-inorganic sol-gel coating was designed for the aeronautical industry with improved corrosion resistance and adherence by researchers of the GTP Group of the University Carlos III de Madrid.

The GreenGELAIR Project was approved last year as part of the Clean Sky JU from the 7º Framework Programme. The main objectives of the project are the design of a novel and competitive sol-gel coating and the development of an innovator and versatile system for its application in maintenance and repair operations (MRO) and in operations for original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The aim is to propose an environmentally friendly chrome free coating as a requirement to environmental regulations (REACH).

The project promoter is the French company DASSAULT AVIATION and the work is coordinated by the Metal Technology Institute AIMME. AIMME has the support of two partners: the GTP as technological partner with expertise in the development of sol-gel products; and GALVATEC, an industrial partner with a huge experience in surface treatment related to MRO and OEM in the aeronautical sector.